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This song gets a 10 from me. You try talking crap like that in the hood and you are gueetnaard to get beat down. Talking about stealing a man from his gf, while his gf is right there, is asking for trouble. Plus, it's just too pre-teen for me.

The song is OK but certainly ntonihg special. It sounds a little generic. The video is indeed horrible. It's very cheap and boring. The whole rap/hip-hop thing around 2:37 is just f-ing terrible. I think some people will like this song but the majority will hate it.On the bright side, Hayden does look good ;) And the argument of some that she can't sing is just so wrong. I've heard far worse on the radio from artists who only get praise and love from reviewers. That just goes to show that there is very little integrity left in the professional reviewers community.

The video is so cute! I can't get enough of it! I give it a 30 out of 30 all the way! I like her new look, but her old look is good too. With her new look, she looks more femnniie and happy, and that's just wonderful. She hasn't changed, she's just grown up and realized some new things. I'm happy for her. : )

hmmm thats a toughy. i plnaorsely do not like her new look at all, i appreciated her rebel/punk look and personality. i would give girlfriend about a ten, because it could be more original and i liked avril more when she was different. now in my opinion she is more like paris hilton than herself. what has the world of music done to her?

avril seni çok seviyorum ı love you

avrili çok seviyorum çünkü onda diyer sanatcılarda olmayan bişey buluyorum özgüvenli,kendisi olmaktan korkmuyor ayrıca bence şarkıcıların içinde tek tarz sahibiolan o

Avril cok sıradışı biri. Şarkıları da öyle, kesinlikle taklit değil. Ona din düşmani diyen aptallar once kendilerine baksinlar. I <3 AVRIL LAVIGNE..! AND I HATE "ANTI-AVRIL"PEOPLE!! YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AND SO TALENTED GIRL. I ALWAYS LISTEN YOUR MUSICS. love XX =) ^._.^

O benim birick aşkım.Ben onu her şeyiyle çok seviyorum.Tamam 4/4 lük değil ama her insanın bir kusuru vardır.Ve ben onu tüm kusurlarıyla seviyorum.O benim herşeyim

aşkım senin bir numaralı fanın bnm seni çok ama çok seviyorum evimde tısortun parfumunu lıcam ...

Avrill seni çooook seviyorum

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