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The world premiere of the music video was aoenuncnd to be on TRL and MuchOnDemand on February 26. However, it premiered in New Zealand on Music Station C4 on February 20. It was in heavy rotation on European music TV channel VIVA Polska from the February 23 as well.The music video was filmed at Golf N' Stuff. It features two different versions of Lavigne: one with a nerdy persona, glasses and red hair, and one with a rocker persona and black hair. The black hair rocker and blonde hair girl represents Lavigne as herself; Lavigne fights over the man with the geeky red-haired girl and eventually gets the man in the end. Lavigne's boyfriend in the video is played by the model Bryan McMullin and dresses similarly to the rocker Lavigne in the video. The video also features a blonde Lavigne singing in scenes not related to the main story.The bassist in the video is Lavigne's brother Matthew Lavigne.So yes, both girls are Avril, hope that answered your question!

When Avril was 16, she signed a renrodicg contract with Arista (Now RCA Records)2002 Avril Lavigne released her first album, Let GoAvril was the youngest female soloist to reach #1 in the UK2004 Avril released her second album, Under My SkinThe album reached #1 on The Billboard 2002007 Avril released her thired album, The Best Damn ThingGirlfriend reached #1 on the Billboard 200 and it became the #1 third album on UK Album Charts2011 She released her fourth album, Goodbye LullabyShe is one the top-selling artist. 2006 Avril married Deryck Whibley2008 Avril introduced her clothing line, Abbey Dawn2009 Avril made two perfumes, Black Star and Forbidden RoseHope it helped! =)

Le 1 avril 2011 16:44, diabolic a crit:oui bien belle photo de krooistl et un 9.2 jolie aussi avec une vid o de k ma en plein ride ^^ un mois top quoi !!! lol

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The video is like a 15. Its a great song and everything but shes a bitch now. I have to admit shes pteeritr now but she talks to much shit. Shes not even that famous.

I don't like her or her songs much.Her video (My friend was whaitcng itat school and we were sharin' the laptop.) iscreative. I'm not into female vocals much so I can be abit biased here. 18 overall.

Most Metallica intros are pterty easy ((try One , Sanitarium (Welcome Home) , Enter Sandman or Fade to Black ))Also try the intro and verse riffs for Radiant Eclipse by Avenged SevenfoldGreen Day songs are REALLY easy (almost all powerchords)Try Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Are We The Waiting Wake Me Up When September Ends Brain Stew or Hitchin' A Ride Have fun, hope this all helps!!!

Lady? Gaga taught me its okay to be difefrentKe$ha taught? me to be myself and not care what anyone? else thinksBruno Mars taught me to do? anything for that one person? I loveKaty Perry showed me how to live life and partyTaylor Swift? taught me not every guy/girl is going to? treat me rightMichael Jackson taught me to always love? the people around meMusic taught me how to live my lifeBUT MOST IMPORTANTLY:Rebecca Black taught me the days of the week =D

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